Carouse the curious, praise the peculiar, and celebrate the freak in us all

2019 Baltimore American Advertising Awards

Why are we coming together?

We feel that a group of small companies/individuals each with different skill sets executing a single concept will show who we really are as an organization and industry.

What do we want to accomplish?

To give everyone a reason to become involved, attend, and enter their work. We need to represent all of the people involved in the creative process. Not just the designers or “creatives.” We do not want to create another awards show. We want to create an event that people will genuinely be upset that they couldn’t or didn’t attend.

The Concept

What is it that we all have in common yet are different at the same time?

Our personalities. Our eccentricities. Our differences that make each of us special and necessary.

Each of us are strange and different in our own ways. But we make it work. This freak show that is advertising.

Welcome to Lord Baltimore’s Harbour Bizarre. A sideshow where the creatives are the twist.

Imagine an event where people actually walk around and interact with each other. An event that has the sights and sounds of a vintage carnival sideshow. As they move around they are greeted by different freakshow acts, can play games, get carnival themed cocktails and appetizers, socialize, play classic games, take home prizes etc.

We want everyone to feel like a winner even if they don’t get the award.