Absolut Elyx

Absolut Elyx cannot be generalized into a definitive entity that influences the world around it. Rather, it is a series of authentic moments that are existentially intertwined creating a network of individuals, each responsible for their own interaction with and influence on the brand experience itself.

Elyx needed to substantially differentiate themselves, within their industry, by creating a customer journey that is not seen, simply, as a straight line with a beginning and an end, but as a loop with various entry points, multiple conversions, and experiences that connect customers to ideals that represent them.

What is it?

At its core, the Copper Universe is a story. What makes it unique is the way that it is told, rather explored. Through a series of interaction points or “copper moments” the user is wholly responsible for discovering Absolute Elyx in their own way.

The inspiration for this concept comes from the “Choose your Own Adventure” gamebooks that were extremely popular in the mid 70’ to late 90’s, in the US, wherein the reader takes on a role relevant to the adventure placing them at the center of the experience.

Using a technique akin to character mapping we organized the website into bite-size segments so that a user can digest what is most relevant to them turning non-linear connections into a unified linear experience.

Through self-directed storytelling and dynamic content we can provide an online brand experience that is not only unique in the industry but unique user to user and even visit to visit.

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