Hershey’s Chocolate World – A Very Sweet Project

Standing out in a place where everything stands out.

It’s difficult to stand out in a city like Las Vegas. A 20’x60′ video board helps. Being extremely familiar with a particular location also helps but you need to go deeper. We took a lot of variables into account when working on the overall concept for this piece. Placement in relation to other buildings. Sidewalk direction, the Brooklyn bridge, foot traffic patterns, color schema during day vs. night, curvature of the board vs. skywalk locations, the fact that there are no random cab street pickup or drop off in Vegas. Which means people cannot be dropped directly in front of the location. And a plethora of other factors. This all went into building a functionality plan which then drove the content concept.

Endless possibilities.

In looking at foot traffic patterns, length and direction of sidewalks and sky bridges, combined with an average pace of an individual or small group, location and direction of the video board we were able to determine that the best use of this space would be to build a library of short content. The content itself was broken down into three main categories, bumpers, transitions, and vignettes. Those categories are broken down further. For instance vignettes would include, history, lifestyle, games, promos, trivia, holiday, etc. Each full-length video would be about a minute long. But the beauty of the functional concept is that the backend system can pick at random two bumpers, 3-5 vignettes and several transitions. The idea being that as viewers traverse the sidewalks, and bridges that no matter which direction they were headed they would always see a different configuration of content eventually triggering interest.

The standing out part.

In a place where ad madness reigns the best option is not necessarily try to be crazier than the next guy but simpler and more purposeful. Which is why we designed the overall creative with large bright solid colors in mind. Simpler, cleaner layouts, quick to read. You know, like a billboard. Another key factor is length. We look at these pieces as their pieces, not the larger whole. Figuring people are walking and talking and taking pictures and doing whatever you do, you do not have long at all to grab attention. Even if you do grab attention it won’t be for long. The idea as a whole is to grab attention several times during their stroll and using the multitude of content we’re more likely to show them something they like more often.

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