National Disaster Relief Foundation

The foundation established by Clinton Pipkin in 2014 is one of our favorite organizations to be a part of. An ongoing campaign we’ve been involved from the beginning working on overall branding and mission statements. We’ve helped to define objectives and goals as well as providing the groundwork for an advertising and awareness strategy and campaign elements. Such as, various print elements, banners and booths for events. We’ve begun the outline of a more engaging web presence, including, website, social media, display, and search. We are involved in crafting language and concepting for public relations efforts lead by the wonderful Ashlene Larson. She has helped us procure various articles and tv segments to further our awareness goals. We will be shooting and launching our first official campaign in the first half of this year highlighting the families NDRF has helped. A solid brand and strategic planning will help guide this foundation into the future. And of course the gifts of generous patrons who have helped families recover from disaster. We’re working on a new website but in the meantime stop by and Give Directly.

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