Jelly beads and a macro lens were a starting point to creating a cohesive brand for TheraPearl.

Starting from scratch.

Brought in initially to do a simple website redesign, we ended up reworking their online strategy, providing an updated identity and creating an asset library for across media communications. The first thing we did was a photoshoot with a very uncooperative gelatenous sphere. These shots lead to a trademarked identity and basic look and feel for everything else moving forward.

Shooting with people is much less messy.

Since the brand was just starting out there was not much content to work with. Our goal was to create a library of imagery. A 3-day photoshoot would help fix that. We wanted to make sure that the brand and the products were the hero of the website and all the communications moving forward and also that we had enough assets to work with for other things, such as, packaging, social media, video, pitch decks, PR, etc.