The Mammoth Idea


Our process places focus on the needs of the consumer and goals of the brand first


The first step in our process is to learn about you. Immersing ourselves in your brand, product or service offering. We believe a clear understanding of your business is key to creating effective communications. With a multitude of tools and resources at our fingertips, research has become increasingly convenient. But, a wealth of information has made it more important than ever to utilize data to find pertinent information in a saturated marketplace.


In an increasingly digital world, listening is becoming a lost art. The quality of our listening can have a profound impact on the quality of our work. It is understanding and being open to the ideas and feedback of others that makes us successful. We listen to consumers through research and social media to uncover their emotional needs as it relates to the brand or product to reveal their purpose and deliver meaning. We are looking to make connections, providing them cause to purchase.


Next we share our learnings and strategic direction with our client prior to creative development. We collaborate with our clients in finalizing the Mammoth Strategic Direction so that we are all in sync prior to creative development. By sharing ideas and knowledge we obtain greater resources and deeper understanding towards a common goal. A successful collaboration requires open minds, cooperation, and a pinch of focus to keep things moving.


Finally, armed with a clear strategy and definitive goals we can begin to actualize creative concepts, execute production, and launch.



  • Brand Research Review
  • Secondary Research
  • Competitive Review
  • Trend Analysis
  • Leadership Interviews


  • Focus Groups
  • Online Research
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Man on the Street Interviews
  • In-store Monitoring


  • Strategy & Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Communications Assessment
  • Brand Alignment
  • Partnership Acquisition


  • Brand & Product Naming
  • Concept & Design
  • Content & Asset Development
  • Campaign & Brand Launch
  • Experience Design

Light the fire. Align and inspire.

We'd love to collaborate with you. Teach us about your business.